Atomic Swag: Ladies 50er "Bowling gal" T-shirt

449,00 kr 449,00
Dette skønne retro design er trykt på en naturlig cremefarvet t-shirt der ligner vintage t-shirts. Disse bløde t-shirts er trykt med vandbase blæk, ligesom de gjorde i 1950'erne, så din T-shirt føles blød, og aldrig vil "chippe", "skrælle" eller forsvinde ligesom billige t-shirts.

Dette design er gennemtænkt til fingerspidserne; tagget på indersiden er vævet på en 1957'er silke skyttevæv, de samme væve som de lavede Hawaii skjorte tags i 1950'erne. Lavet af silke, så mærkerne ikke vil irritere din hud.

Match denne seje T-shirt med jeans, nederdele eller shorts for et hot 1950'er pinup eller et klassisk rock n roil look.


What makes our printed garments better than the rest?

Atomic Swag uses the same printing technique as they did in the 1950s. The same technique used in all the 50s Hawaiian shirts, fabrics, tee shirts and kitchen tablecloths. We silk-screen our garments by hand with water base inks– because there is no better way to print a garment. Silk Screened water base inks are superior to any other printed technique. You're going to be unpleasantly surprised at what you've been unknowingly buying from other companies - keep reading!

Why are silk-screened waterbase inks better?

The process for water base ink printing is more expensive than other printing techniques. Printing with water base inks requires an expertise in the printing technique. It’s not easy finding a printer that actually specializes in this technique.
When we print a design, the water base inks actually dye the garment that specific color. It becomes the shirt. It won’t wash out, crack, peel, or rub off - It’s impossible since it’s a part of the shirt fibers.

Water base inks are soft to the touch, because they are part of the garment, not like the infamous plastisol inks that you are probably too familiar with via the 1970s to today. They crack, peel, burn-and-stick-to-your-skin-in-the-sun. Also, cheap plastisol inks can have harmful lead in it.

What you’re being sold today and being passed off as waterbase silk- screening.

The newest, cheapest way to print a garment is Direct to Garment – which is another deceptive term for Inkjet printed tees or "digital print". This is the main method companies are deciding to use for their garments, because it’s cheap for them to make a garment, and they can print only what they need as each order comes in, and they can churn out a new design every day if they want because the art, expertise and quality has been completely removed from the process. And yes, there are lots of “vintage style” companies popping up and selling these and we can spot these printed garments a mile away. You may already own some. But, lucky for Atomic Swag, that our tee’s may just become vintage tee’s one day that you’ll own for many, many, years to come – while the others…won’t.